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integrated business consultancy
The NFS Group06 Feb 20232 min

Integrated business consultancy for all-around support

Choosing to turn to professionals by outsourcing certain activities is becoming increasingly important: a 2014 survey by The Hackett Group revealed that relying on outside vendors to benefit from the innovations they can bring is considered the second most important priority for professionals by most respondents.

Indeed, the current economic condition, competition and market trends make it increasingly challenging to run a business independently, and even more so to ensure steady business growth and keep everything under control. For these reasons, there are many entrepreneurs today who decide to outsource the management of a wide variety of activities to external professionals, saving costs and the optimizing the investment of internal resources, which in this way can focus on the company's core activities. 

A common practice related to outsourcing is to outsource every single activity to a different professional. This modus operandi is related to the common view of outsourcing, whereby each professional is specialized in a single activity. Conception, this one, destined to change in favor of an integrated business consultancy service, including all those aspects necessary for business sustenance, intended to lighten the workload and responsibilities to which entrepreneurs are subjected.

Business consulting covers a wide range of services essential to the creation and development of a business.To ensure that each piece of the puzzle fits perfectly with the others, creating the perfect picture, the best solution is to have one-stop management of all fulfillments through the ongoing support of a single, trusted strategic partner.

The primary goal of a strategic partner is to create value for businesses by going out and streamlining business flows so as to focus energy and resources on strategy and core business, while also benefiting from innovative tools and cutting-edge technology.

This is precisely the intent with which NFS Group was born: we want to be a single consulting reference for our clients, providing under one roof support in all activities at the administrative-accounting, tax, legal, HR and business development levels.

We have believed in and built an entity that does not specialize in a single subject, but consists of individual professionals who are experts in different fields and can provide cross-sector support to companies.

To the Team's multi-sectoral and multi-year expertise, we combine the potential of digitalization to achieve this ambitious goal. Integrated business consultancy, precisely because it integrates the study, tact and human capacity of professionals with technology, accompanying partner companies in a transformation that passes through the digitalization of processes to achieve the ultimate goal of giving more value to human capital. More agile and result-oriented management of all the activities that underpin a company, so that the efforts of resources are directed to the core activities of the business.

The partnership between NFS Group and Abacus, Switzerland's leading software for digitizing accounting and HR management, is a shining example of a winning integration that enables entrepreneurs to maximize productivity, saving costs and reallocating resources to the core business, giving maximum vent to creativity and talent. A perfect marriage, this one, between the benefits of business consulting based on experience and the human touch, and those provided by technological innovation.

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