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The NFS Group12 Oct 20234 min read

Business succession: consulting for SMEs

Succession planning in companies often receives little attention until it becomes an ...
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The NFS Group14 Sep 20232 min read

Strengthening leadership to drive business success

In today's world, which is characterized by unprecedented dynamism, constantly changing ...
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The NFS Group13 Jul 20234 min read

Reducing business costs: improving turnover

In today's business world, one of the main challenges for companies is finding effective ...
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The NFS Group03 Jul 20234 min read

New data protection act: what will change?

The daily use for private and professional purposes of the internet, cloud, PCs, ...
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The NFS Group22 May 20234 min read

Cryptocurrencies: taxation in Switzerland

Cryptocurrencies have generated a great deal of interest in recent years, both among ...
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The NFS Group22 Feb 20233 min read

HR Outsourcing for better human resource management

Human resource management is hardly considered part of a company's core activities. ...
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The NFS Group20 Feb 20233 min read

Abacus: the ERP software that streamlines business processes

Every company, from the smallest to the largest, knows it must start with efficient ...
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The NFS Group06 Feb 20232 min read

Integrated business consultancy for all-around support

Choosing to turn to professionals by outsourcing certain activities is becoming ...
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The NFS Group08 Nov 20224 min read

Acquiring new clients through effective sales

Company growth is an ambitious aim. An essential step to achieving it is to acquire new ...
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