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HR consulting

People are an essential part of company growth. Our HR consulting offers optimal support for personnel management.

HR consulting

Our professionals accompany you every step of the way


Our HR consulting offers tailor-made solutions for staff management and administration like payroll services, payroll accounting and support in resolving disputes. We also offer assistance with social security audits and checks, the tax office and joint commissions. 

Our skilled management can also assist you in resource management, from coaching to guiding your company through a change management process.

Staff administration

Thanks to Abacus software, staff administration will be smoother and more streamlined, thanks to an automated system for recording working hours, absences and human resource planning. All this ensures accurate calculation of hours and thus accurate salary assessment in compliance with the regulations governing labor law. 


We manage everything around payroll preparation, in accordance with current legal aspects and deadlines:

  • worker attendance and absence management
  • sickness, travel, expense reimbursement, vacations
  • preparation of salary calculation
  • social insurance management
  • relationship with social security institutions
Hiring contracts and work permits Always up-to-date with legislation in the field of employment law, we offer you support in handling all paperwork related to work permits and hiring employees.
Work-time management

With Abacus HR technology, many HR processes can be digitized, and data such as hours worked, expenses, and absences can be recorded, approved, and accounted for through customizable approval processes.

Issuing certificates

A consultancy aimed at responding to requests for attestations at different offices (AVS, withholding tax, div insurance, joint commissions, etc.) intended both for the employer, for participation in competitions and others, and for employees on a professional and personal level.

Visa We deal with the bureaucracy related to employee visa approval and related renewals, interfacing with the relevant authority.

Resource management

With the specific skills of our team, you can count on a strategic partner who cares about the growth of your company. We focus our energies on optimizing individual and group performance. We have been involved in change management and executive coaching for years, creating corporate pathways aimed at creating a widespread shared corporate culture, embracing change and organizational development. 


Our coaching and executive coaching consulting is aimed at corporate growth through goal achievement and professional development of the Team.  We structure an ad hoc support path designed on the basis of business needs:

  • we assist and support resources who have greater responsibility and manage a team
  • we improve individual and group performance, valuing individuals and individual talents
  • we improve corporate communication and shared values
  • we reduce rivalry and friction between departments and employees
  • we optimize working methods to make business processes more efficient
  • we foster learning and professional development
Business reorganization

We offer business consulting aimed at analyzing and solving inefficiencies, organizational, structural or economic problems. A service based on an in-depth analysis of business processes, in order to then propose a strategic reorganization plan. In the field of corporate reorganization among the many activities we also intervene on:

  • strategic marketing
  • corporate departments 
  • organizational charts
  • operations teams and roles
  • hiring and layoffs
  • investments and/or liquidations
  • cost reductions
  • other changes
Career path planning

Sometimes in companies with complex business structures with different teams, departments and divisions or even in small-to-medium enterprises, various issues are faced that can be solved by paths aimed at corporate talent enhancement or outplacement of resources.

Career path planning counseling helps to reduce particularly high turnover rates, improve employee attitude, manage stress, retain valuable resources that have high demands in the labor market as well as promote a pleasant business environment and improve, as a result, productivity. 

Change Management

Our Team is experienced in accompanying the company toward change. The communication, mediation, and strategy skills that characterize our specialists are made essential for an evaluation and implementation of the change process. 

An in-depth analysis of the existing situation, company mindset, strengths and weaknesses is always conducted, and then a strategic plan and ad hoc approach is proposed to bring the benefits of a new process. 

In a time of change there is no getting away from listening to people and assisting them, and our professionals will help you communicate and manage your company's resources.

The advantages of our consultancy

  • Our group offers all-round services in various business sectors 
  • We have in-depth industry and regulatory knowledge
  • We are a young, experienced, tech-savvy team
  • We promote digitisation 
  • We streamline your business processes and improve your organisation

Our aim is to create the companies of the future that can generate value and maintain it over time. We will guide your business development with professionalism, dedication and strategic vision, always ensuring that your company stays up to date with advances in technology and is always one step ahead of the competition.

Why choose us?

We’re an integrated team

All-round strategic consultancy that meets your business’s every need. 


We promote technology to streamline and improve business processes.

Sector expertise

We are a team of experienced consultants with in-depth knowledge of current regulations. 

"Success comes when opportunity meets preparation."

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We can rely on a highly qualified Team with solid HR training.
HR assistant certified professionals, always active in professional development.

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